Midnight, on a cold night in December, 1773, disguised as Mohawk Indians, the Sons of Liberty tossed 347 barrels of tea into the Boston Harbor. A statement that came to be know as the Boston Tea Party and started a revolution. So, go ahead! Grab whatever it is that's holding you back from starting your revolution and, toss it overboard!

Brand Identity  |  Package Design  |  Case Study
A packaging project exploring the food and drink category. For the brand story I created a narrative that utilized historical facts from the Boston Tea Party. From there I built out the brand and product line by integrating the historical theme into all aspects of this case study.
Develop a food or drink product and create packaging that tells its narrative. 
Research & Sketches 
After conducting a visual audit of premium tea packaging, I began exploring the idea of implementing a narrative based package design, much like what is often done for beer or coffee. After research I dove into sketching, naming, and prototyping.
Ideation & Refinement
Guided by my research of the history and culture of tea in the U.S., the narrative became more clear and then form followed naturally.
Design Solutions​​​​​​​